Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stars in Penns Valley.

The stars were out in Penns Valley tonight.  At least one bright and shining star anyhow!  It seems that God was a little disproportionate when he sprinkled stars across the world and more than the fair share landed in our little valley.

There is always something to brag about in the Potters Mills, Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Millheim, etc. area.  Books could be written about the caliber of people you can find in this neck of the woods. Oh, but tonight. . .

Tonight one of my daughters and I decided to attend a concert by Autumn Blaze and her orchestra.  I doubt that anyone outside central PA has ever heard of this young girl - who is in 11th grade in our school district, who played the lead in the spring musical this past year, who - two summers ago - won the Grange Fair Idol competition.  But I bet that is all going to change one day and quite a few people are going to have heard her and of her.    For two hours tonight, seemingly the entire valley sat enchanted by a mix of jazz and contemporary music.  Autumn was amazing! The orchestra was first class.  It was an experience that I know I have never had.  The high school parking lot was full!  There were ushers in black, luminaries lined the high school hallways, plush rugs lead the waiting patrons to the doors of the auditorium.    The entire evening was musically magical. 

Autumn sang Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, Lulu's Back in Town, Pokerface, and I'm not that girl (from Wicked) - a variety of genres and all done so well.  Even to my slowly deafened ears.

But the magic wasn't just with her singing and the beautiful mixture of the piano, the bass, the horns......the truly magical part of the whole thing was that this young girl is donating the profits to Penns Valley High School Drama department.

Who says the arts aren't important?  I beg to differ.

Thank you, Autumn!

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