Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Future.

Another Penn State grad in the family!  My oldest daughter graduated from Penn State, Behrend College on Friday among 300 and some other graduates.

Ten years ago, we both would have thought this to be unlikely event.  Eleven years ago, I sat in the high school guidance counselor's office with her trying to convince her that dropping out of high school with only a half year left to go was not a good idea.  Thank goodness she agreed.

Kristen has not only graduated but she has had every reason not to and every time, she made the decision to carry on.  A lot has happened during the time since she enlisted in the U.S.Army after 9-11.  Mainly, she has grown up. 

I think Kristen is destined to do great things.  Like her brother, she is gifted in academics however she is a rock star in math and science while Ryan and I lean more toward English.  Kristen has an interest in water quality and with her degree in Environmental Science, plans to work in third world countries to try and improve water supply and quality.

In the past ten years, Kristen has become a veteran and a mother - two things of which to be so proud.  I would suspect that the next ten years will be equally exciting. 

So proud of you Kris!

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