Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ocean waves

Yesterday was a perfect today - and today is looking to be much the same.  I did pick up fabric for the ocean's wave quilt and for the strawberry social quilt I'll be making - hopefully will have at least one block of each done today!

Didn't get any part of the chicken coop done, didn't get any part of the kitchen repainting done........
We have a powerline running through part of our property and every 5 years, the responsible party clears the land below the power line.  For the past 18 years, I have enjoyed the beauty of a gorgeous birch tree that grows on the edge of one plot of our woods.  It has always been well out of the way of the powerline.  Even if the tree had grown into the largest birch tree ever, its branches would never have been anywhere near the powerline.  I was crushed when I went to see it yesterday and it had been cut.  

I've come to believe that may people believe that if you can't speak, you are not considered a living thing.  This includes dogs, cats, all other animals, etc.  I get tired, really tired of the bullshit.  That birch wasn't diseased, wasn't impacting the power line, wasn't doing anything but simply beautifully existing.  Why the heck can't we leave things alone!!!!!

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