Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One Old Goat Farm

So I am at home today with what I thought was a migraine but apparently is a headache aggravated by allergies.  Fun stuff.

I've always suspected that things happened here while I was at work. The goats, chickens, dogs, cats.....all seem to be a little tired when I get home.  Well I haven't quite figured out what makes the dogs so tired other than sleeping overdose but it seems as if the party begins shortly after I leave in the morning.

I was dozing on the sofa when I heard a gobbling.  On the deck.  Which honestly isn't the strangest thing I've ever encountered here.  So I decided to go outside and see what was going on.  Well, there wasn't a turkey on my deck but there definitely was a turkey strutting around just below the deck.  Feathers fanned, gobbler (or whatever that thing is) dangling......he obviously was just so proud of his stuff.  Now the neighbor's chickens weren't so impressed.  They were all congregated on the wooden bench under the lilac bush watching the turkey with great disdain.  It was obviously they were tired of having to dealing with Mr. Turkey's illusions of grandeur.

Down below the turkey and out of sight of the neighbor chickens, were Donald and Daisy, the ducks who appeared from nowhere a few weeks ago and who have set up residence in the milk house.  My 9chickens, a motley crew of mixed breed fowl, have accepted the ducks as members of their family but strangely enough, egg production has gone down since the ducks moved in.

And as all of this was going down, the goats were watching with great interest hoping that somehow, food would be involved.  Clover, the pony who is older than me, ignored the whole thing because obviously she has seen it all.

It was kind of nice to see this menagerie in my backyard this morning.  I snapped a few photos and then went back to sleep away my headache.

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