Monday, December 20, 2010

It's really Christmas now

The Mighty River
Happiness written all over their faces
Last Sunday after church, we set out on a journey for the perfect Christmas tree.                        

The girls were quite excited and we were well-armed with a handsaw, heavy boots, leather gloves, and the courage to forge the mighty river to down our Christmas tree.
Mammoth evergreen!
 It took hours upon hours of hard work to topple the mammoth evergreen! 

It took the strength of a hundred men (or at least one girl) to drag the tree back home.  
 And all the while, dodging the wild animals that inhabited the forest!
Wild ducks

Wild yellow labrador retriever

 I must admit, the end result is quite beautiful.  The harrowing journey out into the wilderness and the risks to our well-being in our search for the perfect tree was well worth it. 

It feels like Christmas now.

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