Thursday, December 16, 2010

Memories of warmer days

It is true. I complain about the heat.  It's because I love to run but running in the oppressive heat really plays havoc on my motivation.  I absolutely love to run in the frigid weather - the snowier or rainier, the better.  But I'm not running right now.  I'm freezing.  The wood stove just can't put out the heat strong enough to keep me toasty.  Even my dogs are curled up into tight little balls trying to syphon heat from each other. 
If I walk upstairs in our house, I can see my breath.  It is cold. So cold that my eyeballs freeze, my ski mask is stuck to my nose, and so cold that Sebastian doesn't even whine when I set off on a run without him.  That is cold. Real cold. 
Part of Old Town San Diego

Hermit Island

My favorite place at Grange Fair

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