Thursday, July 5, 2012


 It was the annual badmitten tournament that wasn't.  Despite it being a trillion degrees out, there was a breeze strong enough to prevent us from playing badmitten.  Instead we played volleyball with a huge beachball.

We had a great time.  Spent the day taking it easy - other than playing volleyball - and just enjoying the company of family.

Later in the evening though, the wind had died down enough that my daughter and I played a bit of badmitten.
 We thought it would be fun to invite Sebastian.  He thought it was fun.  He cheats.  He played for a little while but then we thought maybe it would be a good idea to take him and his little pal Max down to the creek to cool off.  After all, Sebastian will be 56 years old tomorrow.

So off we went.  Sebastian leading the way - Max, Jordan and I following behind.  Sebastian has the same routine when he goes to the creek: he jumps in and swims around a bit, and then finds a rock.

Sebastian loves rocks.  I have a flower garden lined with rocks Sebastian has brought to the house and tried to carry in.  He has a blast with them - he tosses them and rolls on them.  Buries them and then digs them up.  It's funny because Casper and Tucker have climbed onto the rock-tossing bandwagon.  The pile of rocks by the back door is growing larger and larger.

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