Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still running.

But my running has sort of a stealth mode to it....... I wake up eeeeaaarrrrlllyyyyy to avoid waking up this guy:
He is deaf.  So I wake up and creep around through the kitchen in the opposite direction from where he is sleeping.  There is not a creak, not a shake, not a sound.  I silently slip into the bathroom and change into my running clothes.  I open the door.....and he's there!  He knows!  

Goat eyes shining on the rare occasion that I can make it out to run.
Now during the week, I don't do long runs.  And when I don't do long runs, Casper can't go simply because it takes him at least 2 miles to calm down.  The first couple of miles he is prancing backward, grabbing his leash, dodging to and fro.......I don't want to break a leg tripping over this puppy.  And I don't want to hurt him by falling on him.  And I can't leave him home because he screams like a banshee out the window.  And lets face it, screams out in the country at 5am can be a bit troublesome.  First thing you know, the roosters will start crowing and then the next then the goats will be thumping and bleating to get out of their shed.  Utter chaos at One Old Goat Farm.  

So instead I run during lunch.  In the heat of day.  Sweating and sweating  - all because Casper can't stand to be left alone yet doesn't understand a good thing when he has it.  He's a sweet dog really.  And he gets a good workout everyday - as he drags me down the steps to chase leaves in the field or as goes barreling through the living room trying to catch a piece a dust or as he builds his doggy biceps digging a hole to China in the sofa.  And I am NOT joking.  And this is for the SECOND time!

But I'm still running. I'm still raising money for the Fisher House and will continue to do so until the end of August.  


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Wendy said...

Really really cute puppy.
I've been looking at the Dog Shaming website a lot lately
and feeling better about my own dog! =-)
Try it and see if it makes you appreciate your guy a little better:


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