Friday, August 24, 2012

Give me a break.

When will people quit acting like animals? Actually, that is an insult to animals. Supposedly we humans  have morals.  Many of us have chosen to take marital vows, oaths to do no harm, oaths of office, pledges to do this and promises to do or not do that but yet again and again, those vows, oaths, pledges and promises are broken.

Another incident of abuse hit our local paper today. In what world is this kind of crap not wrong? In what instance can anyone rationalize this type of behavior toward a child? I don't believe that it is a sickness. I don't care what label it is given or if it is listed in the DSM-IV or V or whatever. It is just. plain. wrong. And the perpetrators KNOW that it is wrong. In the name of what? Sex? You've got to be kidding me! If people were only as willing to risk everything for the right kind of stuff, this world could be a pretty awesome place. 

Frankly this all is just really tiresome. I'm tired of hearing about these stories drone on and on and on, being debated by every armchair lawyer in the county.  People on this side, people on that side. There is no side. Abusing a child (or an animal or any human being) is wrong. It should be dealt with. End of story. People who commit these kinds of acts have made a choice. They have made the decision to be dealt the consequences in exchange for doing something they know is wrong. There shouldn't be any long drawn out deliberation. There shouldn't be a 3 month wait from the time someone is convicted until they are sentenced. I'm tired of having to worry about our kids because of a few depraved adults who really need to be put behind bars forever. No excuses, no parole, nothing. Gone. They've violated the safety of society and they should be put away in a community of like minded individuals - just like themselves. Let the rapists, murderers, and perverts mingle and do as they like with each other. Stay the heck out of our world.

I'm tired of living in a world where innocent children are an endangered species.  I'm tired of living in a world where to give a hug to a child just because you are proud of him/her or care about him/her is suspect.  As really, it needs to be.  Just because there are horrid little cretins living amongst us who have taken it upon themselves to do what makes them feel good at the expense of children and society as a whole.

I'm tired of excuses and I am tired of resources going to defend/prosecute these demons while money for education is being drastically reduced.  

I don't think we really need to worry about global warming.  We are killing ourselves.


Snowbrush said...

A great line from a movie I saw last week went, "Children are loving and forgiving, and where does it get them?"

OneOldGoat said...

We adults sure aren't much help! :(

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