Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goats = happy

 No matter how I feel, my goats always make me happy.  They make me laugh.  Sometimes the comparison between Leslie's beard and my own make me snicker.  Sometimes the fact that I thought Bella was actually a Bella is enough to make me guffaw.  Because really, what kind of farmer - what kind of mother am I to not be able to tell between a girl and a guy?
My dad's mighty Oak.
 But the goats are funny.  I love to sit in their little area with them and have them jump on my back, chew on my watch, sniff my hands.  Clover, my pony, is always excited to see me but it is mainly because he knows that I'm the one that puts her feed in her stall.  And I'm the one who brushes her, scratches her neck, gives her treats, loves her.

And what's not to love?


Deborah Hamilton said...

I remember when I read Cold Mountain, my favorite character in the book was the goat lady. She had life all figured out.

Victoria Cummings said...

HI - thanks for stopping by my blog, "Teachings of the Horse". I too am a goat lover - and they make great companions for horses. So, good luck on your adventure into learning about horse care and taking that big leap to owning one. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Also, please check out the links to the other horse owners on the side of my blog. It's a wonderful, very experienced community and we all really support each other through thick and thin. My horse, Silk, is my four-legged sister and I am very grateful for all that she has taught me about life.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Yeah.....I know that feeling!
Best ever! ;)

Have a wonderful goat-filled day!

The Goat Borrower
(from Sisterhood of the Goat)

Robyn said...

I agree, whats not to love? The goats are SO adorable!! I bet they are affectionate to?

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