Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 It is no secret that I am having an incredibly horrid time dealing with the loss of my dad almost a year ago exactly. I still can't look at any but a few pictures of him, still can't really think about him. I'm just really, really careful what memories I bring to the surface.  Nearly all of memories are good but I just think that if I think too much, remember too much then that will be that. But one thing I have allowed is to remember him through my love of animals.  Horses in particular.  Losing my dad combined with my twin daughters graduating high school in two years, my daughter and grandson being so far away, my oldest son being across the country........that's just too much.

So I'll replace them.  With a horse.  But as I've said time and time again. I won't get a horse until I know how to take care of him. Or her.

But until then, take a look at these beauties I've been spending time with.  They are the horses from Wildfire Ranch Spiritual Retreat here in Spring Mills PA. 

I've been thinking of buying a farm.  As I get older, my eyesight has gotten so much worse, my hearing sucks......and although I love the students with whom I work, seriously how much longer can I work with them?

I am (or was) a nationally certified rehabilitation counselor so I'm aware of the essential functions of a job.  Since I'm a counselor, communication is key.  If I can't hear, then what good am I?  

I'd like to know what I'd be good at.  I love working with transitional students - I've always been able to connect - whether it is high school to college or college to college.......I never in a million years would have thought that would be my niche.  But it is.  

Hmmmm so working with transitional students as they learn to ride horses??????   I don't think I'm ready for that but a farm would be a good start.  

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