Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to turn an hour project into an all day event.

I was quite productive today.  I could have been a whole lot more productive if I didn't have to spend so much time doing useless stuff.  Like looking for things.  The morning started off perfectly.  I even slept in a little bit.  I got up took care of the animals, put my plants out and made bread for the week.  This morning could have started out quite differently however. I had no coffee.  Lucky for me, I hadn't tossed the old grounds from yesterday so I just added the teaspoon or so of coffee that was still in the canister and reperculated the old grounds. Ta da!  A hot drink that resembled coffee.  I was ready to head outside to build shelves for the greenhouse and two more garden boxes.  But first, I had to run to Dollar General and pick up coffee.  Because even as cheap as I am, I refuse to reuse coffee a third time.

I had most all the wood sawn for both the shelves and the boxes - just had to cut a few cross pieces to use as supports.  After looking for one of the two pencils I keep out in my 'saw area', I marked the wood and cut it.  And since I am an extremely conscientious carpenter, I decided that I would probably want my shelf level since I was going to put plants on them and all.  So I spent no less than half an hour looking for the level that I had put away just last week.  I never did find it but I did find the nice level that I had bought for myself and lost years ago!

So now I was ready to put this thing together.  Put one screw in and the board started to split so I figured I better drill a hole first.  Forty-five minutes later, I found the drillbit - the same one that I had used a couple weeks ago. I certainly don't remember shoving it under all the wrenches in the toolbench drawer.  So around 3:30, I finally stepped back to admire my wonderful, sturdy, level planting shelf.  I'm not being the least bit sarcastic when I say that I was more than a little proud of myself.

Since I had already located all the tools and things that I needed for the garden boxes, I was able to put those together in no time flat.  So I did accomplish a lot today - I didn't bake the cookies but they are all mixed up and in the fridge for tomorrow.  And I did manage to get the weedcloth down and the boxes filled with compost.  For which Casper was happy, as he stood in one of the boxes grazing on horse manure.

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