Monday, December 19, 2016


What you see here are two naughty dogs.  Why are they naughty? They sneaked cookies.  Saturday we were baking cookies - lots of cookies.  I don't have an excess of flat space in my kitchen so we put the trays of sugar cookies on the kitchen table to cool with a linen towel covering them.  When I walked into the kitchen after taking Casper outside, I heard the clicking of little doggy toenails across the kitchen floor.  During the day, the pups generally stay in the living room sleeping in various spots on the couch.  I didn't think anything of it - nothing looked out of place. I stepped out of the room again for just a moment and when I came back in, Tipper had just jumped off a kitchen chair. The kitchen chair that was directly under the tray of cookies.  I followed him and found Tucker with 3 or 4 sugar cookies under the piano bench.  Knowing they were busted, they left the cookies on the floor, jumped up on the couch, and went back to sleep as if nothing at all had happened.

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Snowbrush said...

I can't fault pets for that kind of thing, but have found that the main difference in this regard to cats and dogs is that the cats aren't even embarrassed by what they've done, whereas dogs usually are.

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