Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy at the funny farm.

This year, I’m not buying a Christmas tree and I am not cutting one down from our woods.  We have a nice little fake cedar tree that I plan to set up in the living room and decorate. No one in the family really gets into decorating so I’m going to take advantage of decorating the way I like – white lights, red ribbons, some tinsel and other shiny stuff. I like to make it not-so-Christmasy because I like to keep it up throughout the dark days of winter.

I want to start baking too.  Cinnamon crescents are my favorite thing to bake (and eat).  They take some time to make but are so worth it. I’ll make the obligatory peanutbutter kiss cookies which disappear quicker than I can make them.  I’ll hide a few to send to my son out west.  I’ll make peanutbutter cookies – the kind I remember my mom making and are most excellent with a cup of good, hot tea, snickerdoodles which remind me of my little brother.  Finally, I’ll make sniksnax – enough to last throughout the season. 

I have just a few more things to finish making. Not everyone is receiving a tangible gift this year. Per a request, donations are being made to local animal shelters. This is in line with my belief that bitching and moaning helps no one but actually doing something for someone is the best.  Animals can’t speak for themselves – it’s up to people to help when they can.  So for that son out west, Pets Come First will be enjoying his Christmas gift. Except for his cookies. 

Speaking of animals not being able to  The cats don’t appreciate it and I’m sure it is frustrating for Casper. And I’m pretty sure that he is going to get clawed rightly by one of the rough and tough outdoor cats if he doesn’t knock it off.  I think he learned early on to leave Sox, the bathroom cat, alone.  Most definitely Sox could knock him flat if he wanted to.  And Casper is a pretty large boxer.

speak, I really wish Casper could speak. Because I would ask him why he insists on humping the cats – or at least trying to.

Fun stuff. This Christmas will be good. Not everyone is happy and that is ok. I’ve come to the rightful conclusion that I can’t make everyone happy and it certainly isn’t my job to do so.  I’m happy. My dogs are happy as are my goats, chickens, and pony. The cats are happy too. Even the outdoor cats – especially the outdoor cats. I’ve made a nice warm house for them, they have the shanty attached to the woodstove that is nice and toasty, they can cozy up to the goats. I think the ducks are pretty happy too.  They’ve plenty of food to eat and a nice warm home. I just wish they’d shut the heck up at night

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