Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I haven't been writing too often lately. This is sad because my intent for having a blog is to have something written to reflect on when I am old. I realize that the topics I choose to write about may be simple. I know that compared to others, I seem very one dimensional. I have poor grammar - I know this. I type too fast and skip words because if I don't type fast, my thoughts escape me.  And I very much want to be able to remember the good times in my life. When I am old. 

So I am simple, I write simple, I think simple (not really).  I write about what makes me happy. Sometimes I write about things that piss me off but more often, I write about happy stuff.  I love to sew - I love to see, touch, and work with fabric. I love quilts because they are old and soft and keep people warm.  I love my pets because they love me and they are sweet and innocent.  I love Christmas because......I just do. 

I read simple things. I like cozy mysteries, I like novels, I don't care for historical novels other than that set around civil war times.  I love music, of all kinds. I love to play the piano just because I do. I'm not great at it and am only good at the music I like.

I don't like being around people who expect answers or conversation from me. I like being an adviser and answering those questions and helping students. I don't like talking. I do, however, enjoy listening.

I don't like feeling as if I have to explain myself in order to justify the way I operate. Like me or don't like me. I don't care.

My thoughts for today. Perhaps I'll be a bit more sophisticated when I am old.

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