Monday, February 9, 2009

I said, "RUN"!

Today is the official start of my training for the Skyline Challenge half-marathon on May 2. In killing 2 birds with 1 stone, it is also the start of my training for the Marine Corp Marathon in October.

I say 'official' training in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. It's as official as I can make it. I'm just a run to make me feel good kind of runner. Not really a competitive bone in my body - but I really like the T-shirts. And in retrospect, I like knowing that I've completed an organized event. I like the free food after a race. I like the feeling of being with kindred spirits and knowing that all of us runners are a unique kind of odd. It's funny - even though I'm burning up all kinds of calories when I run, I eat better when I run. Because I figure if I'm going to be kind to myself, I'll be really kind to myself.

Training for something also gives me an answer. For when non-runners ask me why I run. As if a 46 year old grandmother is an anomoly (and it is not). And 'just cuz' as an answer and is the truth - just doesn't fit well with some people.

Seems that some folks need to have a concrete answer for every type of behavior. But not me, I'm anal in other ways but not in reasons. Just cuz is fine with me. Because I like to. Because it's time alone and time to think and when I run (as opposed to walk) I'm going too fast to worry about all the silly little things that I probably ought to be worrying about.

I've seen stories about some really inspiring people over the weekend. Last night on Dateline, there was a segment about Tom White, a runner who voluntarily had his foot amputated so that he could continue his sport. I understand that. Lots of people don't.

There was a story about this woman who started running when she was 80 and continues to marathon. Can't remember her name and can't find the link but in searching for it, I see that she is not an anomoly either.

I think right now when the economy is where its at, it is nice to have a hobby that is low cost. And not only is healthy mentally but physically.

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A Wild Celtic Rose said...


You think you like T-Shirts...

Wait until you get hardware.

It's all about the shiny!!!

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