Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A 'not-so-sunny' Day, a rest day, and I should be practicing......

As beautiful as yesterday was, today is just plain cruddy. The forecast includes in the next 24 hours snow, rain, sleet . .. . you name it. I was thinking yesterday after feeling tired on my run, that I should take 2, instead of 1, rest days. It is amazing that after all of these running years, I still have a bad habit of not listening to my body. But I'm committed . . . I really want to do well in the half marathon in May and in the MCM in October if I get in. And if I want to do well, I need to use common sense.

So today is a rest day.

I thought I would use my lunch time to go over a recruitment presentation for tomorrow. Instead, I've looked a beautiful photos, read over some forums, checked out a couple books that I picked up at the college book sale this morning. I think I've exhausted all of my excuses and really need to practice.

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