Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brrrrr it's cold out there!

Sebastian is keeping warm - he wants nothing to do with going outside.

Clover doesn't care - she's got her winter coat on and she is enjoying the wintery weather!
I knew it was suppose to flurry today but it did a bit more than that. We have about 4 inches of

snow! The kids were out sledding and playing around in the snow. I stayed inside with my grandson and made bread and spaghetti and oatmeal cookies.

I had planned to clean - thoroughly. I have many strengths - but neatness is not on the list. I used to beat myself up over it. I horrify my mother - who is extremely neat and clean. My oldest daughter is nothing like me in cleaniness. She is a very neat person - being in the military does that, I think.

The only area that I really work hard to keep clean is my kitchen. If I was overly focused on being neat, I would have missed out on so much. I wouldn't have time to hang out with the kids, wouldn't have time to play the piano or learn the dulcimer (which came in the mail the other day but I can't open it until Christmas.

If I spent my time cleaning, I wouldn't have time to spend with my animals or explore in the woods or go for walks. I wouldn't have time to try out new hobbies like basketmaking or cheesemaking. I wouldn't have time for a lot of things that I like to do including nothing.

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