Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just wonderin'

am I insensitive? callous? blasphemous?

On campus--on any given day--there are sidewalk gospels screaming in front of our student union building about various religious concerns. Those same people shoving religious propoganda in our hands (or trying to) as we walk by.

And I wonder......

Have they ever 'saved' anyone using these methods?

I find this to be incredibly annoying. If one follows their example, do we want to follow an example like that? I don't like to have religion screamed at me. I don't like to be threatened. I don't like to be told that my beliefs are wrong and that I will go to Hell if I don't redeem myself in the manner suggested.

Has anyone ever listened to these prophesies of gloom and doom shouted to them across campus and decided to make a switch? I wonder.

During my lunch hour, on my time - my hour of contemplation and reflection - I don't want to listen to this crap (as well intentioned as it may be). And I find it very hard to believe that God, in any form, would want his agenda shoved forcefully down people's throats.

I would love everyone to share my beliefs. But I realize that everyone has his/her own belief and their own way of worshipping (or not). I'm ok with my neighbor having a different idea of the God force that surrounds us, protects us, cares for us.

So I'll respect your beliefs. And hope that you respect mine. And in so doing, please let me enjoy my lunchtime walk in peace.

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