Thursday, December 3, 2009

One of these things is not like the others

First of all.... I often take the area in which I live for granted. I am accustomed to driving rather slowly because of the buggies in the area. We have a large presence of Amish in this area. I love to see them and because I come from another area in Pennsylvania in which there are many

Amish, I don't often consider how lucky I am to have this diverse population in my midst. So the shot above is a local Kmart parking lot. There actually were a number of buggies in the lot but I thought this was a nice mix.

I have found myself over the years being thankful to have Amish people around me and also, on those days that I am in a 'hurry', lamenting the fact that the buggies share the road with me. On most days, thoughtful days, I am thankful that I have the buggies to remind me to not be in such a big hurry. What is scary is when cars are flying by and there are a number of Amish bikers on the road. That is scary.

We are lucky in that many of the local roads have berms wide enough for the horses and buggies and there is not such a risk. Occasionally there are reports of accidents with buggies and that is always heartbreaking. We are in a hurry. For what? Another meaningfull experience? An experience for which we are willing to risk the lives of our family?

I don't know - it can be aggravating to be stuck behind a buggy. But really, isn't it a reality check for me? Time to take reflecting on the meaning of life?

I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Amish we have them here too! Just saw them plowing a field with 3 teams of horse....breathtaking and inspiring!

love, kelee

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