Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So back to the farm......

Ok. So this morning, I went out to feed and water my animals.

I am very very methodical in how I do the morning work. Since I am not quite awake and am apt to forget a step. I put the collar on Tipper, my chihuahua, who I don't trust and put him on a leash. I let Sebastian, my lab, and Bear, my chow run free. First stop. Chickens.

Now, I have about 5 chickens who flat-out refuse to stay in the chicken coop. They prefer to perch themselves on the goat fence. Even when it rains. Even when it is stinking cold - like it was last night.
They were still there. Four chickens on the fence. One standing in the goat pen.
I feed the chickens - the warm chickens - who sleep in the coop. I look, and the 5 brave chickens are still there. Still sitting. Still standing.
Next step is scooping carrots for the goats and the horses into 4 different buckets. This takes a while. In the meantime, the other chickens are out and about but the others are still standing, still sitting.
I feed the horses and the llama. Chickens: still sitting, still standing.
Now I am worried. Are the chickens frozen? Are they dead? My MO in life is avoidance but I can't avoid this. I must see if they are alive - because, in order to feed the goats, I need to move them.
They are alive. Apparently they weren't quite ready to get up.
Tonight I put them in the coop.

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