Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Day who-the-heck-remembers without much sleep!

I’m tempted to bring Lunchbox (new cow) in to sleep with me just so he will stop bawling all night long! Between him and the roosters, it is a wonder that the neighbors haven’t ganged up on us. I’m sure that he will soon get used to his new home – I remember that it took the neighbors’ bull about a week before he stopped mooing-- All. Night. Long.

Today I will stop and shell out money for zyrtec or whatever the generic name is for the allergy medication I took last month. I’m tired of itching. And wheezing when I run. It just dawned on me that I could request reimbursement for what I’ve paid for my prescriptions over the past few months. Duh. That’s why I haven’t been buying my singulair – I just can’t afford it. But it seems though that the zyrtec helps more than the singulair. If I use my albuterol inhaler and take allergy meds, I’m good to go.

I’m so looking forward to my Wildside Adventures Long Distance Hiking workshop in October. I’ve definitely been daydreaming about my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2016. I’m trying to decide what weekend to hike this summer. I’d like to be dropped off in Caledonia State Park and then hike the AT, catch the mid-state trail home. That would be amazing. I really need some solitude and meditation. I’ve been such a crab at home to my kids. I hate feeling that way but seriously, I am tired of our home being trashed, of crap all over the floor, of having to beg and plead anyone to do anything around the house. And now we have a cow. So in addition to taking the kids wherever they need to go, I’m in charge of housekeeping and maintenance of both the house and the farmyard AND the garden AND the garden prep. And all the flippin’ dogs!

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