Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Redneck kinda farm......

I came home from work yesterday to this.

My husband and I travel on different planes. He is cheap and extravagant. I value simplicity but am not necessarily cheap. He is a great peruser of Craigslist and when he saw that someone was giving away—for free—a hot tub, he just couldn’t resist. So he hooked the trailer to the Trailblazer and off he went to Milesburg.

And he brought home the hot tub. It was a surprise! I asked him why in the world anyone would give away a hot tub and he explained that when the previous owners plugged in (turned on) the heat blower, it caught on fire. You’d think that after the past few weeks, he would run away from anything that had the possibility of burning.

In typical Ike-eze, he said that he didn’t care—if he couldn’t get the heater to work, he would just use the jets for the bubbles and the whirlpool action. After all, he said, we’re rednecks!

So now the hottub sits on top of the trailer in back of the house, amidst the weeds, behind the Bowflex that he found for free that also sits in our backyard.

But yep, we are rednecks.

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