Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

I can't think of clever titles. And apparently last night not only did I have difficulty coming up with a snazzy title, but the post was riddled with poor grammar, misspelled words, and bad punctuation.

What can I say: it is summer and my brain is soooo not functioning! There are so many other things to think about--it is almost time for me to start canning! So many things to can. I love to can. I plan to double the amount of spaghetti sauce that I can this year. More jars of italian peppers in tomato sauce is on the agenda too! We still have peaches from last year but I'll can as many of those as possible because nothing is better than the taste of summer peaches in the middle of winter.

I took in some of my last jars of hot pepper jelly to the office. I'll be making more of that too--my family doesn't like it but my co-workers do!

I'll make sauerkraut again because it is fun to make. Nothing like sitting in the living room pounding the cabbage while watching a football game!

I do like summer-I really do. It is the heat and the humidity that I don't like. I'm more a fan of the temperate feel of fall or spring.

But 6 months from now, I'll be complaining about the cold, about having to wear layers upon layers of clothes, about not being able to work outside without gloves. and a hat. and a scarf.
And I'll be dreaming of this:

Mrs. Bobbin

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