Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm baking again.

This is such an awful picture - that dark spot on the right is a shadow. This really is a beautiful stove - circa 1948, made at Cleveland Co-operative Stove Company. Haven't been able to find much on the internet regarding parts, operation, etc. but there is a story behind it. I love things that come with stories.
This little stove has had two owners before me. The man I purchased it from had used it for 9 years and for the past 4 years, it had been stored in his garage--and it has the mouse nest to prove it. I know this is true because I was talking to the son of the man who was selling it and kids don't lie.
Anyhow, true or not. . . he bought it from a woman who purchased it new in 1948. On this stove she made many meals for her family of 15, she baked 10 pies every day to sell to a local diner--all in this gas oven. The day came that she had saved enough money for one of those 'new-fangled' ovens that didn't require a match to start. After that, it was put into use for a new family--a family who moved into their home with nothing. The seller told me that he had made all of the holiday meals on this stove. And if it weren't for the fact that his wife wanted a new, electric range, he would be cooking on it still.
Let's hope that this stove comes with a little bit of luck against burnt bread, fallen cakes, and lumpy gravy. Because now it is mine.
Did I mention that I love things with a story?

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