Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 5th of July!

Ok - so some of the family members don't actively participate in the celebration of Independence Day........ My photos didn't turn out! And althought we didn't have our annual Fourth of July badmitten tourney, we had a great day!

The pictures of the obscene amount of money spent on the fireworks last night prompted a ton of comments. And my thoughts flow back and forth between both camps.
It does seem as if there was an obscene amount of money spent on these fireworks. Money that was blown up to the sky. But . . .these fireworks brought our community together (kind of). It was our way of saying 'Yay! for America' or perhaps, Yay for the America we could be if we were truly represented by the people. And not by a group of elitists that pretend to represent the people. The fireworks were sponsored by area businesses - and the land on which they were launched was donated by the local University to be used for the fireworks. I think what is ticking people off is that there are furloughs at my University that will become a reality to a number of people in the Agriculture College (can you imagine). And the threat of furloughs virtually everywhere on campus. But without some type of celebration, where would our morale be? It is just a celebration folks! True, it doesn't have to be as spectular as it was, but it is just a celebration....
But without a celebration of Independence Day . . . where would that leave us? I think that if nothing else, the 4th of July celebrations bring us together as a nation. Whether we are for the government or not, it brings some interesting topics of conversation to light. Like it or not, we all live in the United States of America. And my heart belongs to the good old U.S. of A. but I love Canada as well. And if I traveled to Switzerland with my girlfriend, I'm sure I would love that country too.
But the U.S. is my home. Just like all of us wanting to break loose from our small hometowns when we were teens, like it or not - America is our home country. With all of its faults and all of the things we could fix if only we were is our home. Land that we love.
So quitcher bitchin'.......if you don't love it, DO something about it! If you actually do something, you may not change the way of the country. But in miniscule way, you will have some impact on the future of my,our America.

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