Sunday, April 10, 2011


I am hoping that this is the bee balm poking up through the dirt;
Today, life is grand.  It didn't snow today - didn't rain either.  Nothing fell from the sky.  I spent the day in the throes of garden preparation.  There is so much to do and so little time - especially for someone like me who is inattentive and incredibly prone to being sidetracked by trivial things.  Such as figuring out how to start my son's 4-wheeler which I don't need, have never really needed, to ride.
Potatoes nestled in a nice mixture of seasoned straw and horse manure;

Peas planted;
 I have so many hopes and dreams for my garden this year.  For the fourth (or is it the fifth) year running, I will try to grow an overabundance of potatoes. So many that I can possibly sell them - definitely enough to get us through the winter.  I want a bumper crop of tomatoes - all the colorful, tasteful heirloom varieties that I love to grow.  I want peppers - lots and lots of green and red peppers to make my hot pepper tomato sauce that no one but me loves.  But fortunately I love hot pepper tomato sauce enough to make up for that. 

I want peas - so many peas that my kids' fingers turn green from snapping them.  Or is it beans they snap?  Whatever, I want enough to be able to can so many jars that they last us throughout winter.

the soft, loamy earth;

The visit from spring today was just what I needed.  I think it is what a lot of people needed.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a bit sore and stiff tomorrow when I wake up but it will be that kind of stiffness that comes from a full days work.

a quick dash inside to nuzzle the most beautiful little dog in the world because the most beautiful big dog in the world was spending the afternoon outside with me;

Dolly Llama - a little miffed at all the attention the other animals receive; and
 This year when my grandson comes to visit, we will grow a 3-sisters garden: corn, beans, and squash - the perfect mesh of inter-reliance.  The corn shades the squash and provides a climbing area for the beans, the beans climbs through the squash and up the corn and provides nutrients, the squash shades the soil and keeps in cool and moist.

It is easy to dream in the spring when everything is new and fresh.  Happy, happy Spring!
One of the hens who are currently giving me nearly 2 dozen eggs a day.

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