Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mud and wind

Spring is here.  It is apparent by the amount of mud and wind we have.  One would think that with the wind that blows through here every day, the mud would dry up.  Not so.  Because along with all of the wind, we have had a ton of rain.  Every day.  Every single day. I'm sure that at some point during the summer (when I am complaining about the heat and humidity), I will think back fondly on all of this rain.  But now?  Not so much.

The first of the asparagus
My hops that I planted last spring
                                 Of course without the rain, I wouldn't be able to experience the excitement of the first glimpse of asparagus poking up through the ground.      

Or my hops energetically reaching for the sky. Or the beautiful forsythia that I believe has been on the property forever. Or at least more than 15 years. Or my tulips on the verge of blooming.

But seriously, the wind?  What does it contribute?  But to dry my clothes and initiate the proliferation of seeds around and knock the gutters off the house.  I am so thankful though, to only have to complain about the minor inconvenience of the wind that blows winter into the valley in October and back out again in April.

 God bless all of those who are experiencing the after effects of the recent storms in South and Southeast.

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