Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've got to put a plug in for the place to shop.  Seriously.

Goodwill - the ultimate consignment shop!  It benefits you and me and a whole slew of other people who, otherwise, would not have a chance at learning necessary skills for employment.   It is the only place to go for those fashion-unconscious types like me! From a consumer approach, it just makes sense.  I am so not a trendy dresser - give me the 70s and 80s styles - and you can certainly find it at any Goodwill.  Retro prom dresses?  Goodwill has them!   Clothes for work! Go to Goodwill!

I'm cheap.  I'll admit it.  So Goodwill works for me when clothes have worn out or I need something special for church.  Even my 13 year old twin daughters and many of their friends look forward to our treks to Goodwill.  My one daughter almost completely refuses to purchase new clothing because she sees the value of recycling the material things we use.  Even my mother who is shopping's grand dame has seen the light of Goodwill!  Just tonight she was talking about the beautiful blazer she found at her local Goodwill.

From the perspective a former VR counselor, I see value in the employment arena that Goodwill has to offer.  Goodwill is wellknown for giving people with different disabilities the opportunity to learn basic work skills such as stocking, operating the cash register, and general customer service.  Goodwill gives people the chance that many business do not.

The phenomenon known as Goodwill is catching on!  BonTon department stores in northwestern PA have given out coupons to use when donating clothing or other goods to Goodwill.  I have never gone to our local Goodwill when there has not been a line at the checkout.

I am totally against materialistic society but I say if you are hellbent on spending all of your hard-earned cash on stuff you don't really need, do it at Goodwill where you (and many other humans) get the biggest bang for your buck!

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