Thursday, April 28, 2011

Penn State: Not just blue and white!

Today was a beautiful day for a noontime run and although the sky over Penn State was indeed blue and white, the University boasted a veritable rainbow of colors.

Yellow forsythia;

Not necessarily colorful but I thought it interesting that birds had built a nest in the wheelwell of this SUV parked in the Penn Stater parking lot;

The myriad of color in this planter in front of the Technology Center nearly took my breath away;

Trees in bloom near the farmhouse;

Apple blossoms in the cow pastures;

One of my favorite plants from my childhood, Creeping Myrtle - also called the Flower of Death or vinca minor. I remember this growing on the banks of the front driveway - the beautiful scent is unmistakable;

The happy face of a pansy planted behind the Penn Stater Conference Center;

Another glimpse of the cheery Viola tricolor hortensis;

Can't think of the name of this flower also growing behind the conference center but it made a nice companion with the Pansy;
Springtime even makes a weed struggling to survive in the seal of a manhole look festive!

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