Sunday, June 17, 2012

And so it goes.

 Life doesn't stop. Not death, not a broken heart, nothing makes life stop.  Thank God.

Marching band activities began yesterday.  Our school had their first parade of the season.  And they rocked!!!

I'll admit that even if they weren't good (they were!), I would be biased.  But truly, this is an unbiased opinion.  For a summer parade, for the first of year 2012, our band was the largest, the best organized, and the best sounding  of the whole parade! Seriously!   And my son played the cymbals.   He was EXHAUSTED by the time he made it to the judging stand.   As were all the kids.  But they did a great job!  We have a new band director who is doing an awesome job!  He had some really humongous shoes to fill but fill them, he did!  Not only do the kids like him, but the parents do as well!
I was thinking the other day when my middle daughter decided not to remain in the marching band, of what a challenge it must be to be the band director.  It is not a 9 - 5 job.  I've seen Mr. D at all the musical rehearsals, at all the marching band practices, at all the football games.  And his new wife.   Not only that but to have to motivate kids to want to be part of the band.  I've written about that before. I know that my daughter will sorely miss being part of that group once the opportunity is gone.  Thank God that my son loves the band!

I'm thinking that as a parent who is incredibly proud of our high school marching band, its director, and its parent group, that I need to pull myself up to the job, get my clearances in and starting putting in my time.

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