Thursday, June 14, 2012

My boy.

Still trying to come to terms with my father's death. Unsuccessfully. Until tonight, thinking about Pirates baseball of all things.  Every night I would call home and my dad would answer "Beth!" and I would respond "Dad!".  I'd ask what he was doing and he would say 'just sitting here watching the game (or Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy). 

I caught a glimpse of the sports news tonight and instantly was brought back to those phone conversations.  How painful is that?  So trying to swallow the tears, I decided to text my son and daughter (thank goodness for text - they didn't have to listen through my sniffles).  My daughter encouraged me to call her, which I did.  My son responded back with the text message:  "You always will, but you'll see him again, and until you do its important to remember that you have more people than most who love  you just as much as you loved grandpa, even if it isn't always obvious".

How my heart needed to hear that!  I must have done something in a previous life that was so right that I deserved being blessed with a son like that! 

God gave me the kids I needed to have. 

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Snowbrush said...

I'm very sorry. I've lost my parents along with several good friends and quite a few dogs. It might sound strange, but over the long run, I've missed the dogs most, maybe because they're so much like children, even when they're old.

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