Saturday, June 30, 2012

My bit of paradise.

 Aside from the fact that I couldn't call and tell my dad that the corn in Centre county would, indeed, be knee high by the fourth of July, today was a near perfect day on One Old Goat Farm.  My good day actually started last night when my brother texted me that he was offered a job!  A good job! 

After the normal running around that I do on Saturday mornings, the day was spent wading in the creek, planting some flowers, weeding some gardens, and packing straw around my potato plants which as of today, still look healthy.  It was a hot one out but little Potter Run the flows through the property is always cold.  And the dogs had a blast keeping cool in it.  Sebastian was busy carrying boulders out and then dropping them and tossing them and then digging in the mud. 

The goats enjoyed some of the elephant ears that I dug out of my garden.  This year has not been a good year for keeping the garden weed free but honestly, my garden is never really weed free.  

My son and husband rode their four-wheelers through the woods, cleared out some paths and just enjoyed being together. 

The day was just good.  Nothing spectacular, nothing out of the ordinary.......just a really good day.

Dad, I wish you were here.

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