Friday, June 15, 2012

Back on the farm.

So despite the heartache of the past month, despite the perpetual lump in my throat and pain in my chest, life at One Old Goat farm goes on.  We've been busy cleaning up the yard, fixing the fences, and planting the garden - all the stuff that needs to be done right now and hasn't been.  It is a relief, of sorts, to have to work overtime getting a headstart on the weeds and other chores.  There is something incredibly peaceful about working on a little farm with animals who have no sense that life is any different than it always was.

We have two kittens left of a litter of five.  No chicks so far. So nothing new as far as animals go.  I am planning to borrow a pair of clippers to give Dolly Llama a long-needed clipping and hopefully she'll won't look as if something has been chewing on her.

The grass is bright, bright green and my son is now old enough to keep the lawn mowed and young enough to still think it is fun.  My raspberry starts didn't make it through winter but it looks as if I have one blueberry bush that is struggling to hold on to life.  Or at least onto two of its leaves.

Tomorrow my youngest has his first parade of the season and he is hoping that he has grown strong enough to cart the bass drum or carry the cymbals.  I think he'll probably be fine because he has grown at least three inches since the first of the year.

Yep, life goes on at the farm.  This Old Goat is getting older and more appreciative for the people I still have.  I'm hoping that immersing myself in my garden, my farm, my family, and my quilts will bring me the healing that I need.

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