Friday, March 15, 2013


St. Patricks Day = planting of the greens!  Yep, the peas go in on Sunday.  Unless it is snowing which is a good possibility.  The past few weeks have been a tease - hovering in true spring weather only to be nailed by Mother Nature yet again.  Oh well, it is nearly spring and before long I'll be complaining about the heat.  That's how I roll.

This weekend is the musical Annie - performed by girls and boys in our local junior and senior high school.  I've written about the music department at our high school before and truly I am not biased when I say they are the best.  Sometimes I complain about having to make yet another trip to the school to pick up my daughter or get frustrated trying to figure out how to get a salad to school for the evening meals that are provided the last week of practice.  I complain just a little bit because I know that the music teachers and several of the parents have been at school all day and all evening.  I can't imagine trying to coordinate and choreograph a bunch of high school students - as fun as it must be, it just has to be like herding cats!

But yet year after year after year, they put on a tremendous show! Complete with song, dance and a real orchestra! Here, in our little valley!  It is wonderful.  I really think that if people who vote to save a few bucks by cutting the arts were to actually listen to some of the performances at their own local high school, or visit the art room and look at the works in progress, they would be a little less willing to sacrifice these programs that give so much. To the students, to the parents, to the community.  It makes me think that if there were a little more opportunity for kids of a certain age to engage that part of their brain, there would be a little less violence in this world.  Happy teenagers turn into happy adults who then produce happy children. And the cycle continues.

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Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Catching up on your posts! I agree wholeheartedly that children that age benefit SO MUCH from organized music programs. I don't understand how anyone can think the comparatively small amount of money invested, as compared to the cost of other group activities, is not well spent. We need MORE music, drama, art and craft, not less. I've yet to hear a complaint about how the arts brings out the "negative aggression" in teens.

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