Saturday, March 23, 2013

My favorite place (one of them)

 As much as I have been complaining about the never-ending snow, I do have to admit that there isn't a place much prettier than University Park in the snow. Or, for that matter, the sunshine.  Yesterday I took a walk downtown and am so glad that I did.  Campus was gorgeous!  The ducks near the Hintz Alumni Center and pond were out and about.  I am sure they find it hard to believe that only a few days ago, they were swimming.

I took a picture of one of the buildings on the west side of campus.  Whenever I walk back to my office, I always walk through this area.  With the old brick and iron work, this really makes me feel the age of the University.  When I walk in this area or when I walk up the sidewalk near Old Main, I can really feel the ghosts of students past.

There is so much history here.  It is comforting to think of all the people who have gone to school here.  I feel so close to my dad when I am walking around campus because I know that he has walked this same walk 50 years ago.  And so has my mom. And so have both of my brothers, my son and my daughter.

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RobynFromSimplyme said...

Really beautiful photos. What a great place to work!

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