Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So it is April. It is spring. Today appeared to be a beautiful, spring day.  But it was 24 degrees this morning when I went out to take care of everybody. And at one point, I looked outside this afternoon and it was snowing.  For only minute though.

Ok I have my complaining done - I put my snow irritation out there so I'm done with it unless it snows tomorrow.

I start working on a dream in two days.  I'm going to begin taking horseriding lessons.  And I'm not telling a soul, except my oldest son and oldest daughter. Well and my mom - because she is the only one who reads this :)  It is kind of sneaky on my part.  If my husband knew, he would say it is a waste of money. Which I suppose I can see his point but yet this is something I want to do.  Throughout any given week, I spend the amount of horseriding lessons on needless crap: coffee, stuff for lunch when I don't feel like eating what I brought for all adds up.  And that is what I am using to pay for lessons.  Not only that but I am going to learn the right way to care for horse and his surroundings.  Someday I want to buy a riding horse.  But I don't want to do it until I know how to ride, am comfortable riding, and know exactly how to care/groom a horse.

I don't think this money spent is a waste.  My dad always wanted a horse but where he and my mom live, livestock is not allowed.  But boy, there was no mistake how he felt about horses!  I remember him talking about this horse Delila who resided on a farm nearby and about the other horses he and my mom would see on their travels.  Over the years, people have given him horse books, pictures and even a stuffed horse.

I just think that it is time for me to start working on my dream.   This isn't wasted money, it is an investment in my future.


Lesa said...

Well said, and congratulations for making your decision. I love drawing horses and had a couple of lessons, but let us just say my best rhythm seems to be syncopated! My sister had horses for years and loved riding, so I say "go for it!" I'll be looking forward to reading about your riding adventures. (Oh, there are several riding schools and horse farms in our area, so I get to treat myself to visiting the horses or at least driving by and dreaming.)

Shirley said...

I am taking some much needed "me" time tonight to catch up with my friends. I think you should learn to ride a horse if you want. I haven't rode in a long long time, but we had horses when I grew up. My oldest two grandsons ride and they are getting ready to show their horses this summer. I love going to watch them ride, even their dad rides part of the time. You are only as old as you feel. Have a wonderful day and I enjoyed reading your previous post. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Fat Dormouse said...

If you can afford it (and you've obviously considered that) then why not? If it gives you pleasure, it will make you a better person and Mr Old Goat will benefit from that! So it's in his interests for you to take lessons!
Enjoy your riding.

Angie said...

I think this is FANTASTIC---Wish I lived next door to you, girl, cause I would be taking those riding lessons with you. :) I don't have one, but I adore horses and my soul and heart long for one. Go for it :D

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