Monday, April 15, 2013


So many conflicted feelings.  The horror of hearing of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the deaths, the injuries, the pure horror that such a fun and joyous occasion could so quickly be turned into a nightmare defying description.  I just can't fathom it.

The blessing that my brother didn't run the marathon.  He qualified for it, was going to go, but circumstances prevented him from going.  Thank God.

But is this what humans have become? Targeting the activities, the places, the people that bring happiness, pride and joy to life and then snuffing that out?  Is this what it is all about?

I can imagine that the fingers of blame are pointing already. Without evidence, we can't make assumptions.  I hope that we don't place blame until we have all the facts, that we don't punish a group of people because of what we suppose.  Most of us are better than that.

I'll go to bed now and try to sleep. I'm lucky.  I know where my family is.  And they are safe.  I will never again refer to a killer or a bombing coward as an animal.  Animals act on instinct.  Animals are better than that.  And I remember now why I prefer the company of animals over that of most people.


Charlene S said...

Here hear! I agree animals are better. When they attack, you know who you are facing.

RobynFromSimplyme said...

Divine Providence stepped in for your brother that day and thankfully HE did..I havent had the tv on much because all the talking heads are at it as usual. I agree, I dont refer to them as animals either. My animals are better than the humans I know....God bless you.

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