Monday, April 29, 2013


A trifecta (or would it be a quadfecta?) of broken car went kaput Wednesday night. My glasses snapped in half while I was lifting a goat. My microwave turns on when I open the door. I can spit harder than the water trickles out of the shower.

Luckily the car broke down only a quarter of a mile away from home, after the rain and we were able to walk home. And my glasses? Well thank goodness I have at least six pairs of readers that I could use. True, only the ugliest pair of frames will accommodate my lenses but at least I'll be able to see.  And I'll admit, I got to meet several new people today by waving and saying hello - only to realize they weren't who I thought they were. After explaining that I really couldn't tell who they were and that I didn't have my glasses on and that I wasn't really a creeper.........well, you know that uncomfortable laugh you hear when people just want to get away from you......

And even though my microwave turns on when I open the door, I don't think it is microwaving anything.  And at least I have dripping running water in my house which is more than I can say for a large percentage of this world's population.

So have a plethora of blessings to count. And adding to that, is being able to add the word 'plethora' to a sentence in a way that makes sense.


Lesa said...

Plethora! Score! Years ago my friend Bibi beat me to a pulp with eleemosynary in regular conversation.
I never recovered!

Lesa said...

PS I hope tomorrow is much better!

Robyn said...

LOL Oh my gosh you are too funny... Whew! When it rains it pours sometimes.. Glad you're able to see again though.. As for the microwave, that is the strangest thing Ive ever heard a microwave doing LOL.. I hope things have gotten a little better today