Friday, April 5, 2013

Tonight's the night!

Today was a great day.  I met with a student who seemed a little lost and a little unsure of why she had chosen the path she was on.  So I asked her, if you could go be anything - anything at all - what would it be?  And she said, 'a farmer'.  Kindred spirits are we.  But it made me kind of sad.  Why is there a girl who wants to be farmer spending 4 years at a school that she would rather not attend studying a subject that she really isn't interested in?  There's a hundred reasons I suppose.  Maybe her parents are pushing her away from the much less lucrative field of farming.  I think it is sad that compensation is measured in money.  I'm no different.  I would rather be many places than where I am 9 hours a day.  But my kids hopefully want a college education - and working at a University certainly helps.  Because it's the thing to do.

I found this video on one of the blogs I like to read and it really hits home. And speaking of dreams and farms and doing what one wants to do......tonight I took my first riding lesson (actually riding and horse-caring) and I fell in love.  I rode a beautiful Tennessee walker named Phoenix.  And he is beautiful, just like the other Phoenix I know.


Angie said...

Oh good for you!! Although I'm slightly jealous, LOL, I am thrilled that you are following your dream.

Lesa said...

A long time ago, I was fortunate enough to realize I was doing exactly what I want to do. Exactly! I don't have a lot of money, but I hope to have "enough". I'll never make a lot of money but, as long as I can keep doing what I love, who cares if I don't drive a thus-and-so car, etc. So, as much as I'm reluctant to say it (for what must be a dumb reason), I'm pretty happy. Hope you are too. Good to read you're loving the riding lessons!

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