Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Busy day.

 Today was a beautiful day. A busy day. A day for which I've earned my sleep.  I did the spring cleaning of the goat house today.  I had a lot of help.  All six of the goats and Clover, my pony, stood in the little goat house while I tried to scoop up a winter's worth of matted hay and straw.  We quickly fell into a routine: goats and pony follow me in, I lead them out, I fill up the wagon and dump it, come back to the goathouse,all the animals are back inside and then the whole thing is repeated. Again and again. All day long.

The goats and pony were not helpful.  Not at all.  Unlike dogs, they do not move out of the way when you accidentally bump into them. They stay where they are and let you trip/fall/dance around them.

But I got it done.  Not only that but I got my tomatoes re-potted.  I have 4 Black Tulus, 5 Blondefkphen, 5 Nebraska Wedding, and 5 Black Krim.  Tomorrow I will re-pot the rest which include Mortgage Lifters and Tommy Toes.  Then I need to move the cabbage to the garden area.  I might re-pot my celery and peppers too. I started them in teeny tiny starter pots and they need something bigger until they can be planted directly into the garden.  If only I had finished putting up my greenhouse!

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain but I hope to get Clover's ponyhouse cleaned out. It shouldn't be a problem if I get an early start. And then, if it is crummy out, I'll spend a lot of the day reading.  Or making soap.  I have patchouli soap and orange/honey soap to make.  But that may get pushed off to Thursday depending on the weather.

This kind of life is perfect for a soul like mine.  I work by the weather and the clock really doesn't factor into things which is good.  I have no sense of time. And hate watches......not a good combination.  I'm doing a trailride either Thursday morning or Friday morning depending on the weather. I'm really looking forward to that.

 I think this is the first vacation that I really did something AND stay at home.  Don't get me wrong, I am so looking forward to a week at the beach but this has been so satisfying.  I'm tired but I can't wait to get up in the morning and do it all over again


Robyn said...

That was some busy day but I know exactly what you mean when you say you're tired but it felt good.
Having been sick for the last 20 years I dont have a lot of energy to begin with but on days where I really accomplish things at home that leave me completely exhausted and in pain, it's OKAY because it's a GOOD kind of tired.. That what I always call it :)

Lesa said...

Your day was even more full! You're amazing! We must walk around our big dog because he doesn't stir when you come close, except thump his tail, knowing he's going to get a rub and we'd never step on him. He's such a lump we'd probably break something!

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