Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The beginning of a new school year . . .

the excitement could be felt the minute we walked through the gate leaving the fair - school starts next week!!! Well today was next week! And today was the first day! My daughters have been looking forward to catching up with some of their girlfriends they haven't seen all summer as well as connecting with their teachers from last year.
And for some reason, my son has been extremely excited for the new school year to start. He had a horrible year last year - for the first year ever (out of all five of my kids), we experienced huge problems with a teacher. My little guy hugged me the other night and told me that this year was going to be great! He just knew it! And when he came home today, he said that all indications were that his prediction of having the best year ever would be realized!
How can you argue with a positive attitude like that!!

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