Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dolly Llama gone wrong

Dolly Llama’s calm, peaceful, zen-like expression completely belies her true personality.
She may stand and gaze at me with those huge, glimmering pools of brown eyes.

She may flutter her incredibly long eyelashes at me. But I’m not fooled. Not one bit. Not anymore. I will never again fall to her llama-like wiles.

Dolly is a sneak, a wily beast. She set me up. I trusted her. For years she has been content in our little pasture. She has happily (or so I thought!) grazed on the clover and never gave me a moment’s worry. You could always count on Dolly Llama. Reliable, that Dolly……always a good example for Snowball and Clover.

But something has happened. Dolly Llama has decided to stray.

For the past several weeks, she has taken to jumping the fence. She wants more. She wants to expand her world, see more things, experience life. Several mornings I’ve found her meandering beside the creek when I’ve gone out to feed everyone. Several times I’ve found her nibbling on the leaves of our neighbor’s apple trees.

To her credit, she always comes home when she sees me. And she always expects a treat. Always. I can get her back in the fence with a treat (funny, but she won’t jump back in). But what can I do? How can I make her want to stay?
I don’t know, maybe it is the horses. . .

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