Friday, September 3, 2010

Joe Pa

I've known who this guy was since I was a baby. My grandfather and great, great aunt were Penn State graduates, my parents and both of my brothers are Penn State graduates, my son will be graduating from Penn State soon with a major in English, and my daughter will graduate in a year or so from Penn State with a degree in Environmental Engineering. I am a Penn State graduate, my youngest kids have visited campus and are all planning their education. There are other great schools out there but we've chosen Penn State as our home. With the longest coaching football coach, Joe Paterno. I love this montage. I love that JoePa is the face of Penn State with his thick lensed glasses, and lined face. It goes well with his rumbling New York accent, his khakis, and his sneakers. To me it seems that all is well with the world when every September, college football starts up and Joe Pa is there.

A torrid love affair

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