Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Views from a run

Autumn is my most favorite time to run. After the sweltering heat of summer--whether running in the morning or the afternoon--the cool, brisk days full of color are so welcome! Although these photos were taken on a bike ride across campus, I often run here as well. Such a far cry of the hustle and bustle of campus - many times my path does not cross with anyone else's.

I feel so alive when I'm running through scenery like this - the forgotten dirt paths, the rails-to-trails paths, the backroads to the fields where the horses graze - all so breathtaking in the morning light.
Every once in a while a mystery is uncovered - like this small field of sunflowers that I must have passed several times a week -
Seeing the beauty of nature upclose and personal is one of the many reasons I love to run and bike. It makes me happy being a part of this world, to be able to find these little hidden treasures of places just so tucked away in plain sight.
But while I enjoy a slow, long distance run . . . .

Casper just wishes I would run a bit faster.

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