Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Legs pumping,
chest thumping,
running feeds my soul.

I haven't been nearly as diligent with my running since we returned from vacation as I should have. I have run fairly regularly throughout the week and did some biking too. But no long runs on the weekends and boy-oh-boy do I feel it! When I don't run or bike at least every other day, I can feel it in every part of me. Right after vacation, I was busy getting back into the real world and I didn't make time to run except for my lunchtime. During the fair, there just wasn't anytime to run except during my lunch hour and some of those days were incredibly hot. Over the past few days, we've been dealing with some little critters at home which has taken way more time than I feel it should. My body--digestive tract, knees, neck, a morale--has taken a hit by not being active. But today, I ran. And it was wonderful seeing the trees and the forest behind my work building being poised to jump into the fall. I likely won't run tomorrow due to my daughter's soccer game and needing to work through my lunch. But on Friday, I'll run.

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