Sunday, August 30, 2015

Closing night.

Tonight was the last night of the Grange Fair.  And as the week ended, I was 0 for 5 in the world of pierogies (insert sadface here).  Some back story, there is a place at the fair that sells the most amazing pierogies (or so I've heard).  I've tried to get to the stand before they sold out each night that I was at the fair.  No luck. Yesterday, I thought for sure that I would have pierogies for dinner but I could tell by the lack of a line in front of the stand that Grange Fair pierogies were not on the menu for me this summer.  I guess that if going pierogi-less for a day is the extent of my tragedy for the weekend, I'm doing well.  

The moon was just gorgeous last night - I really wish I could fix these photos so that they were a little smaller and that I could actually insert them into the text.  Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.  I just need to figure out what I am doing differently when I am able to access the menu to adjust photo size and location.  
So off I go for an hour before church, to work on my chicken coop.  Not my chicken coop really although with the blood, sweat, tears and colorful language used on it, I feel as if I should move into it.  Pictures to follow.  

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