Thursday, August 27, 2015

Work, work, work.

I have some awesome helpers.

Leslie and Cindy are incredibly helpful as I am trying to make a new chicken coop. 

They taste test the tools, the wood, the wire, everything.   I never feel lonely when I’m outside.  Tonight though, they pretty much ignored me.  Apparently they find my cursing at the chicken wire to be offensive.

If my little longhair cat Dirt isn’t following close to my heels then Casper is jumping and dodging, trying to nip my hand or my butt – apparently this dance is code for something only he knows. I estimate that of the time I've spent so far on this coop, 50% has been looking for tools and things, 49% has been chasing animals off of, away from, and out of, 1% (if that) has been spent actually working on it.

But I shall persevere in spite of my helpers......if only they had opposable thumbs.  

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