Monday, August 31, 2015

August goodbyes.

I have an infatuation with old things. Which works for me because I'm old.  One of my daughters also likes old things - she aspires to be a nurse and specialize in geriatrics.  I will be a good project for her.

But I do love sewing machines - old ones, new ones - I love them all.  I bought a  Singer 66 Redeye treadle machine on Saturday.  I love the feeling of knowing that I can sew even without electricity.  How often does that happen? Not at all!  If the electricity goes out, I take it as a sign for a nap.

Something about those machines is so basic.  Well, of course, there wasn't much to them.  All one needed was to be able to sew a seam.  Which is all that I do.  The simplicity of it all is what attracts me.  Call me lazy but to me, the less steps, the better.

When I use my machine - I had to order a foot for it - I will think about the persons who used it before me.  Did she quilt quilts that were beautiful or quilts out of necessity? Was she rich or did she take years to pay for her machine? Did she sew by the light of a fireplace? Did her husband keep her company? Did she have a husband? Or a cat at her feet? And the longer I think, the more bizarre my thoughts become.

I love to sew and I look forward to having some time over the next couple of weeks to finish a quilt I've been working, to start another quilt that I had hoped to have done about 2 weeks ago and to maybe - maybe - get a Christmas quilt done.  Oh - and a tree skirt for my brother and his family that has been 18 years in the making - gulp.  And then there is the row of the month quilt - also Christmasy from about 15 years ago.  I guess I'll stop now.

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Dora, the Quilter said...

Yes, I do love sewing with a treadle and never having to worry about a power outage!

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