Tuesday, September 1, 2015

On hold.

The construction of the new chicken emporium has been put on hold.  Only for a week or so (I hope!)  The goats are not impressed.  They have gotten used to me working on their turf and enjoyed the treats that I would bring them to keep them out of my way.  I love my chickens but I really love my goats!  Goats are like dogs in that they are always happy to see you.  Mine are like that anyway - maybe they all aren't!?  And they always look so happy!  No one can tell me that they've ever seen an angry looking goat!  Even Bucky, who was the world's biggest pain-in-the-arse, looked happy.  And the fact that he could say Bbbbb----eeeeeee---tttttt-hhhhhhhh almost endeared him to me.
And baby goats?!  Well they are the best!  I don't know how anyone could spend time with a baby goat (or one or two or three) and be in a bad mood.  The way they hop from here to there and back again is the best cure for sadness you can find!

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